Reasons to hire a professional cleaning company

8 Reasons to hire a professional commercial cleaning service for your business


Keeping an office or other commercial or industrial work space clean and sanitary is a vital part of maximizing employee health and productivity. Most workers spend approximately 40 hours per week in their work environments. This makes it necessary to keep these spaces clean. Many companies rely on regular employees for office cleaning or facility cleaning, taking them away from other important assigned tasks. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is most often a much safer, time-saving and more cost-efficient way to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.

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Experience and Training

By hiring a professional office cleaning service, you can take advantage of their specific expertise and training. Good cleaning contractors will have employees who are trained in a variety of different cleaning methods. This means that you should expect high quality cleaning services each time your facility is cleaned. Trained professional cleaners should be familiar with cleaning procedures for each part of your office or facility. Cleaners will apply best practices to ensure that all surfaces are germ-free, odor-free and sanitized, giving you the best value for your money. Regular employees are not trained professional cleaners. They are not likely to be invested in thorough and complete cleaning when other more pressing tasks require their attention. Hiring and training one or more professional cleaners to work in-house also comes with additional costs and complications.

Additional Tools and Equipment

The best professional cleaners are much more well equipped to handle the day to day facility or office cleaning needs of a company than most business owners or office managers. Specialty services like floor buffing, polishing and refinishing, pressure washing, high area cleaning and ceiling tile cleaning require specialized equipment such as floor buffing machines, lifts, pressure washers and specialized chemicals which would not be readily available to most businesses without additional cost. Additionally, they are familiar with many different types of cleaning and know the proper tools and chemicals to use in each situation. Use of the proper tools and chemicals also helps reduce the risk of damage to furniture, equipment or property. Whether you need office cleaning, industrial cleaning, or any other type of business or commercial cleaning, good cleaning companies will have the proper tools and equipment to give your facility a thorough and complete clean.

Custom Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning companies understand that a different approach is needed for each individual situation. This is why they will not provide a one size fits all solution. The best commercial cleaning companies will meet with each client individually and discuss their project in detail. This will allow cleaners to propose a customized cleaning plan that meets the client’s needs. Good professional cleaners offer a wide variety of services and will always deliver the type of services your business needs.

Full and complete cleaning

When hiring a professional office cleaners you should expect to get a full and complete in-depth cleaning. Professional cleaners use cleaning checklists to provide the highest quality cleaning services with 100% customer satisfaction. Expert cleaners will give your business a deep clean and scrub every corner of your office or facility using only the best cleaning products. They will leave your commercial space sanitized, germ-free, disinfected and organized giving your employees the most healthy and ideal work environment.

Green cleaning services

The top professional cleaning services are not only concerned about quality cleaning but also minimizing environmental impacts. As a result, they will use the latest green commercial cleaning techniques such as avoiding harsh and toxic chemicals. The best commercial cleaning and janitorial companies will encourage the use of products and chemicals that are safe for animals, people and the environment. By choosing a green cleaning company, you will also be doing your part to help preserve the environment.

Professional commercial cleaning contracts ensure peace of mind

Signing official commercial cleaning contracts ensures that the cleaning company near you is committed to working with your business and providing high quality services. The top commercial janitorial service companies provide extensive training and also follow health and safety guidelines when cleaning office buildings and providing other commercial building maintenance. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your facility is being cleaned in the most safe and healthy way.

Increased productivity

Research shows that a clean work environment plays a role in worker productivity. Workers most often feel more motivated and able to concentrate on work tasks in a clean, tidy environment. Alternatively, dirty, cluttered or messy work environments can negatively impact worker productivity. An organized and clean work space allows workers to move freely and easily locate work related items. By hiring high quality cleaners, you can eliminate the need for your regular employees to break from their schedules to perform office cleaning. This allows them to be more productive and efficient in their daily work. Hiring a commercial building cleaning company can help you increase the overall morale and productivity of your staff.

Save time and money

There are a few options when it comes to handling your business cleaning needs. Using your regular employees takes them away from other more important tasks and hurts the overall productivity of the office. Employees will either be inefficient in their cleaning tasks or less efficient in their regular work tasks, neither of which is good for overall company productivity. Another option is to hire a full time in-house cleaner. This may require training, the purchase of equipment and ongoing supplies as well as expensive salary and benefits packages. In-house cleaners are not likely to have extensive insurance, licences, specific training, access to expensive, specialized equipment or other added benefits that come with hiring a full service cleaning company. Hiring professional commercial cleaners provides businesses with a number of cost and time saving benefits when compared to other business cleaning solutions.

Owners of small, medium and large businesses who have a physical presence which customers, clients or employees frequent, should consider the benefits of regular professional commercial cleaning. Professional cleaning by a reputable commercial cleaning business can help businesses save time and money while maximizing workplace productivity, safety and efficiency.