Janitorial Services

Dynamic Cleaning, LLC specializes in providing a wide variety of janitorial services across many different industries. Whether you need cleaning services for an office, a school, a warehouse or car dealership, you need a commercial cleaning company that will leave your facility spotless and germ free. Our janitorial services are built on understanding your specific needs. We use an industry specific approach to build customized cleaning plans for each job. This approach, along with nearly two decades of commercial cleaning experience, has prepared us to handle even the most difficult cleaning challenges.

Dedicated Cleaning Professionals

Our top quality janitorial services begin and end with our hard-working, experienced and dedicated employees. Our janitorial cleaning and custodial services staff is highly trained in the latest cleaning technologies across many different industries. We are dedicated to environmentally safe cleaning and we use eco friendly cleaning techniques and green cleaning chemicals and solutions whenever possible to minimize environmental impacts.

Building Cleaning Services

We offer industry-specific commercial cleaning services in a various types of building and to a vast array of businesses including:

  • Municipal and public use cleaning.  Schools and universities, churches and other religious facilities and government buildings.

  • Medical cleaning.  Hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental offices, medical centers, and veterinary clinics.

  • Business cleaning. Retail centers, commercial properties, storage units, managed apartments, offices, and banks.

  • Industrial cleaning. Fulfillment centers, warehouses, processing plants, and factories.

  • Other assorted facility cleaning. Restaurants, daycare centers and preschools, fitness centers and gyms and car dealerships.

Top Janitorial Services in Las Vegas

We take pride in providing high quality service at fair prices, making us one of the top janitorial services companies in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson and surrounding areas. We currently provide and have provided cleaning services and custodial cleaning for some of the most well-known commercial facilities in the community, including several local casinos as well as McCarran International Airport. Let us help you meet your professional janitorial service needs.

Call us today at (702)743-2390  to schedule a free consultation with our staff.