Government Cleaning Services

Smooth operational workflow is key to the running of any government facility. This includes day-to-day cleaning. At Dynamic Cleaning LLC, our government cleaners offer top of the line government cleaning services to various types of government buildings and facilities at reasonable and tax-payer friendly costs. As a locally owned and operated cleaning company, we are invested in our community and you can feel confident that our team of experienced professionals will maintain your facility with the utmost respect and care.

Experience and training. With nearly 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry in many large scale-facilities, our cleaning experts are ready to handle the challenges that come with buildings and facilities of any type and size. We have training and first hand experience with large areas, office spaces, public restrooms and many other types of public facilities commonly found in government buildings.

Disinfection and sanitization. We work to disinfect and sanitize surfaces to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria from your environment. We place extra focus on high-traffic areas and surfaces where germs are most prevalent. This can prevent the spread of infection and disease, keeping your facility not only looking great but more conducive promoting good health in the process.

A green cleaning approach. We have a commitment to the use of green clean, eco-friendly cleaning strategies whenever possible. These methods are not only beneficial for the environment but also better for the health and well being of employees visitors to your building.

We are office cleaning experts. Office cleaning is at the very heart of our business. We have been cleaning professional offices for many years. Our office cleaning staff always present themselves in a professional manner and we are committed to creating a clean environment where your workers can perform at their best.

Restrooms are a priority. We pay special attention to restroom areas, giving them a full and thorough cleaning every time. We focus special attention on high touch areas such as faucets, paper towel holders, flush handles and plates and door handles to ensure these high-risk areas are fully and properly disinfected.

Airborne pollutants and allergens. Our state-of-the-art vacuum technology removes and eliminates dust particles, dirt and other harmful allergens from your carpets and the air, improving air quality.

Insured, licensed and guaranteed. We are a fully insured and licensed cleaning company with a 5-star google rating and all of our team members have passed a full background check, giving you peace of mind that you are working with a trusted cleaning company. If you ever receive anything less than 5-star service, let us know and we will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

Let us help you with your government cleaning project. Call us at (702) 743-2390 today for a free quote.