Daycare Cleaning Services

As a daycare owner, child health and safety are some of your top priorities. We share those priorities and have designed our daycare cleaning services to ensure that children are protected against germs and bacteria while keeping their environment free of harsh chemical cleaning agents. Our kid-friendly approach to cleaning makes us a top choice for preschool and daycare cleaning.

A custom kid-friendly approach. At Dynamic Cleaning, LLC, we believe in providing a customized cleaning approach for each of our clients. Our daycare cleaning services approach is especially child-sensitive. We make every effort to keep your facility spotless and clean while using extra care for your children and staff.

Disinfection and sanitation. We recognize that it is the nature of child care environments to be prone to germs and bacteria. We use the latest safe, eco-friendly cleaning technologies to disinfect and sanitize surfaces like toys and play equipment as well as bathroom areas and other surfaces, eliminating germs and bacteria and reducing the risks of illness.

Elimination of Allergens and airborne pollutants. Our daycare cleaning services team uses the latest vacuum technology to rid the air and carpets of dust, dirt and other airborne allergens and pollutants, which may be particularly harmful to children.

Priority bathroom cleaning. Thorough bathroom cleaning and disinfection is a top priority. This includes full disinfection of high touch areas and surfaces such as flush handles, faucets, paper towel holders and door handles.

Custom cleaning services for your needs. As part of our customized cleaning plan, we will work to schedule cleaning times that meet your needs. We will work with you to arrange additional specialty cleaning or requests that you may have.

Security and professionalism. Your safety and security are of utmost importance. We are licensed and insured. All of our cleaners present a professional image and have passed a full background check, giving clients peace of mind that they are in good hands.

5-star rated cleaning. We are a google 5-star rated cleaning company with nearly 20 years of experience. Much of our business is acquired through the recommendation of our satisfied clients. Our reputation as one of the best cleaning companies in the Las Vegas area speaks for itself.

Let us help you with your daycare cleaning needs. Call us today at (702) 743-2390 for a free quote and evaluation.